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*The “Ki Invoker” Base Class
*The “Blood Blade” Base Class
*The “Void Channeler” Base Class
*The “Elementalist” Base Class
*The “Death’s Hand” Prestige Class
*The “Reaper Sworn” Prestige Class
*The “Aether Infuser” Prestige Class
*The Terrain Maps
*Additional Characters

There is much to be said of this world. It is vast and teeming with life. Culture diverse and conflict in all forms. That is said of the world but lets look closer at small part of this world. The land of Entao. Dominated by humans spiced with a variety of other sentient beings. But deeper than that already complex mesh of life, is the reason behind those lives. Few know the perils it endured so many, many years ago. All the emotions, anger, guilt, love, happiness, sadness, and despair inspired by those desperate times brought about the best and worst in people The ultimate sacrifices so many made. How heroes, true heroes carried thousands of lives and the burden of knowledge upon there shoulders. And how, for a brief period in time, those heroes shaped the world. It is often said that Heroes duties carry more weight than the swords of a thousand men. But what of the duties the heroes forgot?

There gravity shaped not only this land but in some ways, the world itself, and that should be remembered… But this is not there story. They have had there time and have been honored in the most powerful way life can bestow. It continued living.

No, this story is about four new heroes, though they know it not yet. The old storms are brewing again, a long waiting darkness has finally found a way influence the world, elements are evolving and world changing forces are becoming prominent figures. What choices will these heroes make and can they stop what has already begun…

“Did you forget who you owe everything too? I… have… not. And I will remind everyone that Life is MINE to control.”

Past Echoes