Noxas Noa Tsubasa


Character lvl ideas
7th lvl Alchemist
3rd lvl Master Chemist
10th lvl Wizard

Create “Orion”. First A.I. (aka looks like 343 guilty spark)
Component ideas; Adamantine, mythrial, Amythist “eye” for color.
Nox will go to great lengths to study Warforged (aka “steam men”)finding the means to essentially create a soul. Able to float/fly. Might make him my wizards bonded item.

Create “Nova”. Basically a “steam woman” but with intelligence on par with “Orion”
Component ideas; Human Female physically, Adamantine, Mythrial skeletal structure.
Nox will have to study a LOT of female anatomy, paying woman of natural beauty to pose for him nude to get the idea. Looking primarily for elves,nymphs, fey creatures in general. also the tricky thing about “Nova” will be to find a way to make it so she can reproduce.
Will need a Black Dragon for parts. Heart, Horns, Wings. will need to study up on biology of dragons. needs to be a female.

Create “Core Armor”. A suit of armor to enhance all physical attributes. Strength,Reflex,Endurance and Speed increases to immortal measures.
Component ideas; literally creating a new type of metal as strong and as light as Adamantine and Mythrial. immune to rust (aka rust monster). Any one wearing it will be treated as if under the Bull’s strength, Ox’s endurance, and haste spell. And for a number of times a day equal to your new Con modifier you can increase your speed by 30 feet lasting for 1 round.
going to sell the blue prints to the Dwarfs so he can get funding for his real projects. saveing the best for only him.

Create “Materia” small circular “orb” prob. crystal/ruby/gem ect. Enchant spells into said orb spell like abilities per day. can graft into weapons. Noxas hates the old ways of creating magic items. how a person with a +1 flaming long sword cant really do anything about a red dragon. basically he wants versatility. so that +1 flaming sword will become a +1 lightning sword once he switches out the materia orb.

Wants a Nymph to be his “Muse”. you get +4 to performance, craft, and will saves. this will also help him with studying female anatomy.

needs to collect a lot of magical components. magical beasts, magical items, GOLD!!!!!!
Skin, blood and eye samples from every sort of living creature as well.

will-o-wisp have immunity to magic, their made up of a spongy material. will work great for an under padding between the armor. need to find and some how keep them alive, trap them so they cant escape while they are placed inside the armor. they can turn invisible at will, will need true seeing to catch them.

will be able to cast Create major object and will be able to cast a permanency spell


Nox’s Life;
Noxas’ child hood was filled of adventure. He traveled with his mother, always moving never stopping. From small villages to grand and marvelous cities. Noxas’ mother, Magdalena, told him at a very young age why they traveled from place to place. “To understand our past my dear, not just our ancestors but our blood! We are special my love don’t let any one tell you other wise.” In the end Noxas didn’t mind the traveling. Going to fancy party’s and meeting important “clients” as his mother would call them. It was a good time in his life. Noxas was celebrating his 15th birthday with his mom and family friend Malt at his estate in ____ when a knock came at the door. Magdalena went to answer. Nox just had a chance to catch a look at what seemed to be a figure hidden by a black hooded cloak. SLAM! went the door as Magdalena came rushing back to the dinning room. “Malt I found her!” Malt looked extremely shocked as he spurted out his beer all over the table top. “Who did you find mother?” Noxas asked “Some one very important my love a relative some one who may know more about our lineage!” With that she ran up the stairs to gather her things. 5 mins past and Noxas saw his mother in full battle gear. She came down and nelt next to Nox. “You are of the age that I can proudly present you with your birth right, happy birthday my son.” Magdalena handed over a brown cloth. Noxas unfolded it to find a palm sized golden circular crest. On the frotn showed a wooden keg with a pitcure of a Balor. Inscribed on the back of the golden Coin were the initials D.D.

Noxas in demon mutagen aka axson

Halo t got a  monitor by capestranus

Final Version of Nova
Succubus wallpaper by spite nike

Mother: Magdalena “Black Widow”
Assassin by keun chul

Dwarf of tir na bor by blaquesmith

Child Hood Sketch Book
Lvge red vs cyan by egosun  1
6 12 by egosun
Nova and noxas
11 20 by egosun
Gou sheng by egosun
Armor by noodle art

Noxas Noa Tsubasa

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