Joel Parker

Has spent nearly 20 years in prison for murdering the eldest daughter, Evelynn, of the Wallace-Williams family. His history is mored chained up than he is.


Joel Parker is a hard man, but he was made that way in prison. The details of his crime are as rumor prone as they walls are grime filled. Even the guards are vaguely ignorant as to his charges. Although this is to be expected as he has been there longer than nearly all the guards have.
As for social interaction among prisoners, he is left to his own company as the mere duration behind bars lays a certain credence to some of the more fantastic rumors about his crime and stregth. Ironically, because of this fear, he was left in solitude and peace. This made the appearance of good behavior and stability on paper. The warden himself walked to down to the cells to inform Joel of his potential release on good behavior where he promptly snapped 4 of the wardens fingers and was subdued. Screaming in pain and outrage the warden saw that he lost all composure and cursed all inmates with a vow. That was three years ago. Nobody knows why Joel did it, but the warden’s last words still cling to the walls of this hell, “Because of you, no prisoner leaves here unless they are colder and stiffer than the bars that hold them!”

He spends his days staring out his iron window at the dreary grey painted skies in an almost oblivious state.

Joel Parker

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