Graf Amon Phyrexia

The Savage Hound


NE *Spellwarped Human

-Barbarian 19(Invulnerable)
-Oracle 20(Flame)
-Ranger 3
-Avenging Executioner 5

Total Level Plus Adjustment From Template:50

*:Yet to be gained or unlocked


NAME: Graf Amon Phyrexia
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5’10"
EYES:Pale Blue,The other is pupiless with a bright neon blue pattern
HAIR:White w/ blue tints

BIO: Graf was born the third youngest son of eleven under the banner of House Phyrexia,a noble house with formerly great influence within *. However that power had dwindled during the past two decades.His father Ebridge had been a soldier under the king’s banner during his youth and House Phyrexia had always been very loyal to the crown. During his time under the king’s command Ebridge had been deployed towards the mountains where the fountain had been in ages past. A small territorial dispute was ensuing at the time over which country would claim the area as their own. Ebridge himself was at the time a sergeant at the time within his unit. One day while on patrol he came across a small bout between two bands of unknown assailants,both near their end. Unsure of the situation he watched as the final two clashed and in the end there stood one victor. Turning he began to approach a small craddle of sorts,made of in-ornament material. The man stood over the craddle and laughed before bending down to claim what was inside. Being a man of good morale fiber and unsure of the intentions Ebridge charged in to confront the man. Enraged the brigand attacked Ebridge without word,fatigued from the battle previously he did not last long before the sergeant and fell. Within the cradle was a baby with one glowing eye. Still confused Ebridge took the child and fled back to his unit’s camp. The battle for the territory lasted not much longer and soon Ebridge returned to his wife Avelia with the child in tow. The two were already blessed with many offspring but Ebridge wanted to raise the boy,it was part of his maternal nature. They decided to take him in and soon the infant was given a name: Graf. It was a name that seemingly came to them without thought. None of the other children of House Phyrexia at the time took too kindly of Graf. He was an outsider,he wasn’t their blood. As time passed Graf grew to be somewhat of a paranoid and vicious child towards his siblings. For Ebridge was getting old and the children of House Phyrexia began to wage a blood feud over control once both parents were dead. During this time the eldest children Judecca and Jadis were somewhat locked in their own personal battle for supremacy whilst the younger children began to pick each other off one by one. The twins Ludico and Rudelico had set their eyes on Graf due to a familial instinct turned sadistic to bully their “brother”. Regualr scuffles occurred between Graf and the twins often resulting in Graf being placed near death, although on a few occasions he had managed to turn the tables. One day however Graf was confronted by the pair,each wielding a knife in hand.It was clear what their intent was. Snapping into survival mode Graf challenged the pair head on and although barely and bloodied he slayed Ludico and Rudelico. Upon further investigation by Graf and his sister Vesper whom was of the same age Graf discovered the Hrist,their elder sister had seduced the pair into making an attempt on Graf’s life. Vengeance in his heart Graf confronted Hrist and in an act of cold blood charged towards her.However the unexpected had occurred. Between Hrist and Graf was Vesper,”Volrath”, Graf’s kriss was embedded in her chest. Confused and scarred Graf frantically demanded reason from her as she began to slip away. The only answer he received was for her desire for peace. Tears in his eyes Graf rose to face Hrist, his eye glowing furiously. Right at that moment Hrist lunged towards Graf,a blade in her hand. Dodging to the side he violently impaled her breast with his blade and in an act of further agression again stabbed her. She fell bloody on the ground, lifeless. The guards soon came forward and accosted Graf immediately, behind them stood Judecca,Graf’s eldest brother smirking at him. Ordering him to be detained. That night Graf managed escape the detention ward of his house and frantically searched for his father. The door was half open and fire could be heard crackling. Letting one eye in Graf saw his father Ebridge on the ground, dead with Judecca standing over him. Turning back Judecca’s eyes met Graf’s and a wide grin appeared on his face. Quickly before Graf could react Judecca called for the guards as he hurried to Graf and violently throwing the small boy towards his father’s corpse. Guards came quickly and soon Judecca was explaining to them that Graf must have broken out of his prison in the night and killed Ebridge in an attempt to gain House control therefore exempting him of his crimes. Avelia hurriedly entered the room and before anything could be explained she ripped Judecca’s sword from his hands and charged Graf. Together with the guards Judecca managed to stop his mother. Screaming bloody murder they dragged her away as she continued to curse Graf’s name. Judecca assigned Jadis to take their mother away while he personally would detain Graf. Without any forethought Graf ran. He ran,he ran as fast as he could. Judecca in the meanwhile impaled himself on his own sword and called for the guards. He reported that Graf had wounded him and had manage to escape. In the meanwhile Jadis and a small number of guards continued to take Avelia to her room. Before any of the guards could blink however they soon found themselves being slaughtered by none other than Jadis. Quickly the eldest daughter grabbed Avelia by the throat. It was at this time that Graf came speeding by to witness the scene. Mom and son’s eyes met for just a flash before Avelia was flung out the window of the castle, her body cascading downwards into the lake. With renewed effort Graf continued to flee, nothing would impede his escape. For days on end guards pursued the 13 year old. But he was never found. Vowing to one day return to avenge his loved ones Graf began to slowly but surely pick up work as a mercenary, beginning with small jobs and working his way up to become somewhat of a renowned mercenary although he never went farther then the outskirts of the border between * and primarily worked within *

Graf Amon Phyrexia

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